Welcome to my Cel gallery. This gallery is decicated to my endless quest to obtain perfect shots of my favorite anime characters. I usually get cels of characters that touched my heart in some way or another in the film they starred in. Here you will find mostly Macross cels and sketches however I do collect other cels from other series. You will most likely find one awesome shot of a popular character and that's it , I just need one... well maybe two. This won't be the biggest cel collection on the web, but eventually it will one of the best!!!

I'm always interested in high end cels so if you have anything to offer, please drop me a line under send feedback. See wishlist for characters I collect.

I'm always interested in some feedback from my visitors!

News & Updates

11/28/2004I just uploaded my new original art works I got. Enjoy!
11/23/2004Okay, I finally had time to update my cel page. Check out Legend of Condor Hero and El Hazard. I finally decided to unlock my perfect Ifurita Cel, you'll know why it was locked up when you see it.
7/28/2004Hi, I just changed my banner. Let me know what you guys think!
7/16/2004Hi, Just added an Optimus Prime sketch by Pat Lee. I also added 2 more transformers sketches in the private section. Enjoy!

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Title Last Updated
Agent Aika (2) 7/11/2003
Ah! My Goddess (2) 6/23/2003
Azumanga (2) 1/1/2004
Can't Touch List (16) 11/12/2003
Chobits (1) 2/11/2003
Crest of the Stars (4) 1/16/2004
El Hazard (1) 7/2/2004
Fatal Fury (3) 2/5/2003
Gatekeepers (2) 1/1/2004
GTO (6) 3/12/2004
Gundam MS 08th Team (2) 6/23/2003
Legend of Condor Hero (1) 11/23/2004
Macross (5) 1/18/2003
Onegai Teacher (1) 8/21/2002
Original Art (3) 11/28/2004
Personal Autograph Sketches (1) 1/10/2004
Photon (8) 1/10/2004
Pia Carrot 2 DX (2) 1/1/2004
Pokemon (3) 2/5/2003
Transformers (4) 7/16/2004
You're Under Arrest (OVA) (1) 6/25/2003

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