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I collect mostly DYRL cels because the character designs are improved and are much more detailed. Macross DYRL is my favorite movie of all time, thus you can see how much interest I have by looking at the quality of this collection. The Mikimoto Gengas were almost impossible to get, I got lucky found 3 three of them. I've only seen 5 during my search and I've got 3 of them, and they are of my favorite characters. The Misa Smiling Cel was literally impossible to find, it is even better than all of my wish list cels. As for the Misa sketch I've never seen an original drawing done by Mikimoto for a fan. I am truly pleased with my collection and am fortunate to have 5 perfect pieces.

 Hikaru Genga

 Misa Smile

 Misa Genga

 Hikaru & Misa in Trainer Valkyrie

 Misa Sketch

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