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Definitely one of my favorite anime series of all time, second only to Macross. Belldandy is probably my second favorite anime character of all time too. My first cels were of Belldandy too, however I sold them quite a while ago when I didn't have any money to get high end cels. Ever since I got my 1st Belldandy cel in 1996, I've never stopped looking for a perfect shot of her. She's still on the top priority list, but the extreme cost of a perfect Belldandy is beyond my reach (for now) and that's alot to say for guy who spends so much on cels.

Update: Well I finally raised my spending limits and got some high end Belldandy cels, they will be added shortly. My wallet is not the same ever since, High End AMG cel collecting is only for the rich or the insane with no sense of the value of money. AMG collecting is also a stressful ordeal, with so many fakes and repros running around it almost makes me want to quit collecting AMG all together. All high end Belldandy cels are questionable if they are the real deal while lower grade stuff draws no questions what so ever. Been looking for AMG cels for over 7 years, it's hard to pull one over on me. I ended up getting an offical repro, Korean Studio Hanken Repro (infamous), OVA with matching Background, Movie cel with Copy Backround and finally a Hanken Mono Cel. I think I pretty much got one of every type of AMG cel out there. Now just need a personal sketch.

It seems like lately all I get is lower and lower ratings on my site votes... I'm not going to be posting any new AMG cels until it goes up... It's in your hands people.

 Belldandy Bride Sketch

 Belldandy Movie Repro

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