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The Can't Touch List has just been added. Here is the list of all of my favorite cels, the Creme De La Creme of my cel collection. All of the pieces in here are perfect or at least 99% perfect in areas of shot, lighting, and facial expression. Stuff in this gallery are the ones that entices me to stop collecting pieces from those series. I feel very, very fortunate to have these works of art in my posession, these are my most valued material treasures in my life. I will not generally trade or take offers for cels or sketches in this section. However, if you really want a piece from this collection, see my want list for details.

 Miyuki Ending Credit Cel

 Aina In Space

 Aina Bath Scene

 Belldandy Movie Repro

 Misa Smile

 Hikaru & Misa in Trainer Valkyrie

 Misa Sketch

 Hikaru Genga

 Misa Genga
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