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You're Under Arrest (OVA)

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This was definitely one of the earlist anime series that I was expose to. It was fun to watch, got great characters and looked awesome. This is probably the highest quality cel based anime series ever made. I didn't notice how much detail that was put into this series until a friend pointed out the relections on all the car windows. Even high production anime movies like Utena, Spriggan and AMG were put to shame. They had higher frame rates and that's about it. The super quality of YUA OVA totally ruined the TV series and movie for me. I couldn't stand the inferior quality of the newer YUAs, it just didn't feel the same. Miyuki and Natsumi didn't look the same without all the details. YUA OVA is a milestone in quality cel based anime, you don't see this kinda of extreme quality in digital based anime today.

 Miyuki Ending Cel

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